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    Wanguo news via tbw:

    "On 16 August 2015, Chairman Gao and accompaniers held a meeting with CSD’s board of directors,concluding results achieved during the first stage of our exploration, clearly defining exploration work in next step, work plan..."

    NB: "concluding,"and "achieved;" drilling news is past analysis, collation, computer modelling, and will be released soon.

    He understands how mining works. It's the fine details he's keen on, tying them into a big future picture which drilling is fleshing out NOW:

    "From 13th August to 15th August, Chairman Gao had stayed in the mining area continuously, for the purpose of full understanding operation of the mine, its resources and reserves as well as exploration drilling situation."

    I'm guessing a polymetallic ore body's metallurgy, its impact on recovery rates notably, but not exclusively: Sn, Zn, Cu, and maybe Pb and Ag. How profitable given infrastructure already in place. CSD's infrastructure buy was simply predatory genius.

    "There was an animated discussion between Chairman Gao and technicians and exchanged both views."

    Essentially opinion on mining methods between Bugs Bunny's underground style v Tasmanian Devil's open pit. With Wile E. Coyote heading up finance, and Foghorn Leghorn leading the dog and pony show.

    "Both parties agreed that through close cooperation and detailed planning with the exploration work conducted in next step, it is expected to find new minerals and upgrading the mine’s resources. Locating new resources is a stepping stone for further cooperation in both parties, as well as sustainability of the mine’s operation.'"

    Optimistic LONG TERM sustainable mining operation based on drilling, offtakes early on would NOT be out of the ordinary.

    That's my first pass.

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