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    NE Waller, Onshore US Gulf Coast (FAR 34%)
    The operator, AYCO, has advised that the Pitchford #1 well commenced drilling on Monday and casing has been run to 475 feet prior to drilling ahead. Results from the well will be published when available with logging likely over the coming weekend.
    The well, a planned 4500’ Frio test is being drilled on a turnkey basis by Progress Drilling of Luling, Texas utilising a truck mounted rig. Positive results from this drilling will focus attention on the program’s many shallow prospects and leads at Frio level.
    The Pitchford #2 site preparation work has been completed and we have been advised by the operator that drilling is expected to commence within ten days. The well, a planned 7100’ Yegua test, will be drilled by Black Creek Drilling, Inc and is expected to take ten days to drill.
    Pipeline facilities exist within one mile of the proposed drill locations.
    These first two wells have been selected from a large drilling inventory of shallow horizons. Details concerning the two prospects follow:
    Pitchford #1 is a primary Frio target, F1, at a measured depth of 3,850 feet. Over 440 acres of closure are mapped at this level. The F1 zone displays a seismic amplitude anomaly believed to be a gas indicator. The Frio horizon immediately above the primary target, F2, also displays an amplitude anomaly. This location will test the edge of the F2. The well will be drilled to 4,500 feet to evaluate additional potential reservoirs still under closure.
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