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    Anoyone trading this for point value needs their head read...

    Significant results from the Alkali Gulch memeber...just 8.5m, but a significant trap and extremely significant are the pressures. Interestingly, with gas reading of 2,500 units, they are still 1000 units less than the apparent fracture zone further up in the Upper Ismay horizon, which has both gas and oil.

    Begining to understand why the well manager has come out and said "this could be the most significant well in the US this year"

    If you had done your homework, you would know the significance of a hit in this zone...not only for the likely size of this particular accumulation, but due also to the implication for the lower target, given they are both controlled by the same trap.

    Interestingly, unless I am mistaken, the Alkali Gulch actually provides a larger closure footprint the the much talked about Leadville target.

    Great news today...more likely to come...and the only reason it is not over $2 already in my view is becasue we have plenty of time for confirmation...and further drilling...which the smart money will use to their advantage.

    Mark my words...they are all over this today, gaining a foothold on the free-float, in preparation of the real run on the stock.

    What we are seeing here is nothing in my view.

    As I said in previous posts...shades of CDU here.

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