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waking up to sleep apnoea

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    Waking up to sleep apnoea
    Author: Fiona Tyndall
    Date: 11/08/2003 18:31:00
    Publication: Financial Review
    Section: Enterprise
    Page: 49
    Source: AFRBreaking

    Is sleeping with your partner not all it's cracked up to be? Then medical device company Premier Bionics may have found the solution to get you back in the sack.

    The Melbourne-based group has developed the latest technology in the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea - a disorder linked to snoring and interrupted sleep.

    After human trials Premier Bionics found its technology, AirwayClear, could detect and diagnose the disorder and shows the potential to be used in its treatment, increasing its commercial value.

    AirwayClear is Premier Bionics' maiden investment in diagnostic development.

    The company will now pursue a large, multi-site trial for the product, court potential commercial partners and seek a new investment.

    "We have identified the [commercial partners] we would like to work with and hope they like us," chief executive Martin Soust said.

    He said there were many possible partners, locally and internationally, and ResMed was the most notable in Australia.

    "The obstructive sleep apnoea industry is growing," Mr Soust said.

    "There are competitors. With research you can always bet your bottom dollar someone else is working on something not too far from your research. It's part of the reason you try to get research and development finished fast."

    Premier Bionics is considering its next investments and is near to completing due diligence on two projects.

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