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waking tiger

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    Well I sure picked a good time to be in the middle of *#&%#$ nowhere.

    Interesting to see Macq bank up their interest. To spell out the obvious that no doubt has already been dicussed.
    1/ Macq Bank only jumps in if they see serious upside. Much more than a $1+
    2/ Macq would not be allowed to put in cash unless due diligence was pretty water tight. i.e you can bet they are quite sure of the license issue is good as put to bed.

    All good news.

    An interesting thought on the issue : why do it now. Well some chatter that it could be start of a defense against those with hostile t/o intentions.

    JORC will be this week. The opening show of cards in a game of poker. Possible it could be a massive ore body and given some of the elephants in the area has good probabilities. Not sure if this will all be shown at once though. Cobalt and Silver credits are the ones to watch for. I believe they are free to tiger....and there is more than enough that the copper to be free carried. My guesse is the numbers will show a discounted free cash position running into a couple of billion worht of metal.

    As for gonenowhere and has multiple other downramping nics...well he has been proven wrong at every turn. Time to go now...(remember our bet).

    good luck to holders - will be well rewarded.

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