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    What is Michelmore on about? He has extended the bid for AGM for what purpose? Does he think anyone is going to accept $1.00 when they can sell to the hedge funds on market at $1.06? All his extension has done is PROP UP the share price of AGM a little bit longer.
    He needs to be definitive here and show some acumen.
    Announce that this extension is the FINAL one and that’s it.
    It is the only way the hedge funds will become nervous and sell down to $1.00. At the moment the hedge funds are in control. For ZFX to gain control, they need to take away the one thing the hedgies have up their sleeves. That is a fall back price of $1.00 by ZFX.
    If ZFX don’t end up with AGM, so be it. At $1.00, ZFX are paying about 12 times 08/09 earnings. You can buy other producing nickel companies cheaper than that without the debt AGM has.
    Wake up ZFX.
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