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    I rarely get involved in posting on anything other than stock analysis and I only use EBR cause I hope a few read this. It seems that some newbies on this forum are going the way of the dotcom disaster stories of yesteryear.

    EBR stories are great for experienced traders...not that I was one on this occasion....they know when to hold em and when to fold em and when to leave well alone.

    90% or so traders end up losing their cash playing with high risk stock. Be very sceptical about what is posted on this forum...it is a little better than what is once was and some wise heads urge caution and give a little of their past experience good & bad to help.

    I would like to see everone here make profits but it will never be. With stock like EBR if you must trade it be happy with a few cents and never hold overnight as a few unfortunates found out. If you are still holding out of the money in hope take the loss and learn a lesson.

    Some punters may take this advice the wrong way but I don't hold EBR, never have and never will so I have no financial risk/reward at all just trying to caution those who may be blinded by the big 'G' word.

    We all should have learnt about stop losses in primary school, more useful than Japanese or French!
    All you EBR holders before you castigate me this post was in good faith and only meant as an example.

    There some very good traders on this forum who have been here a long time and give good advice....the bad ones don't last long.
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