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    Firebrand Freedom Leader Mr.Marwan Barghothi has decided to run for Palestinian president from his Israeli jail cell.

    An official of his Fatah faction says the candidacy could throw the January 9th elections wide open.

    He says it may also pose a dramatic challenge to Israel which might face International pressure to free the most popular West Bank Fatah Leader it jailed in june for five life terms over killings of Israelis.

    Analysts in Israel say, if Ariel Sharon who was the killer of over 1,000 civilians including women and chidren in Sabra and Shatila camps (Sept. 16, 1982) can be the Prime Minister of Israel, why not Mr.Marwan Barghothi should be accepted as Palestinian President if elected in free elections.

    Mr.Marwan Barghothi is the most popular Leader in Israeli Occupied Palestine.

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