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waiting on the maiden resource defn

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    Morning guys
    wondering if anyone is thinking along the same lines re "Garnet Valley will be the focus of the Company’s maiden resource estimate, which is expected to be released early February." 21/1/08 acivity rpt. Getting closer to early March now: must be pretty close. In the meantime I'm not too concerned - that last update re Rossing Sth was neat - nice snapshot of results/mag data/cross-section - if you remember the discussions a few weeks back re drilling, you can see the evolution of the drill pgm in the cross-section. From the initial reccie traverses, narrowing in on the target zone, further drilling & getting the initial x m's @ xx ppm (turned out to be right down the guts of a few mineralised zones), scissoring to aid gauging the dip angle, and now coming in at it from the east & aiming to make swiss cheese of it. Neat little case study.
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