WA Coal Power Stations to Close Down

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    More coal power stations being shut down to be replaced with renewables as the conversion gathers momentum.

    It's such a shame they poured all that money into them to subsidise coal when their days were numbered by progress to a cleaner world.

    "The closure, announced by current Labor energy minister Ben Wyatt on Thursday, was foreshadowed more than a year ago, when the former state energy minister Mike Nahan instructed WA’s state-owned utility, Synergy, to shut down 380MW of fossil fuel capacity over the next two years.
    The now 52 year-old 240MW Muja A and B units at Collie were an obvious target of the mandate, particularly as it had become a glaring symbol of the state’s disastrous fossil fuel re-investments.
    As noted above, a 2009 decision by the then Barnett government to refurbish the plant blew out by $308 million, due to a botched joint-venture deal and corrosion problems.
    Then, in November 2015, the wall of the 30-year-old Unit 7 tower attached to the Muja CD plant collapsed, prompting calls for a major safety audit of the Synergy-operated facility, and pushing costs out a further $4 million."

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