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wa approvals overhaul

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    GDA will be seeking plenty of approvals for its various exploration projects so any news on an improved approval process is good news for Gondwana...

    From MINING AUSTRALIA newsletter....

    "Western Australia Mines and Petroleum
    Minister Norman Moore said he would
    overhaul the unwieldy approvals process
    in the mining and resources sector if he
    was elected at the recent State election.
    He was elected, and overhaul he did.
    Moore has launched an industry working
    group to advise on ways to improve
    the State’s exploration and development
    approvals process.
    “The working group comprises
    a number of prominent Western
    Australians with a broad knowledge of
    the minerals and petroleum industry
    and of industry concerns about WA as a
    place to do business,” Moore said.
    Peter Jones, a former Resources
    Minister in the administration of Sir
    Charles Court is the chairman of the
    group. Deputy Chairman is John Bowler,
    the current member for Kalgoorlie and a
    former Mines Minister.
    The rest of the group is made up of
    industry professionals including Derek
    Carew Hopkins, Tim Shanahan, Richard
    Ellis and Chris Clegg.
    The group, which had its first meeting
    today, will review the current approval
    processes that all proponents of exploration,
    mining and petroleum project
    in WA must undertake before starting
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