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    Well if anybody here was impressed with golds rise last night you ain't seen nothing yet and i mean you aint seen nothing yet. Personally i believe silver will be the real rewarder until the fiat currencies lose thier FAITH status.

    Just a quick note the ensuing months are going to be very trying months for the Middle East and the world over so buckle up and hold on...say some prayers because your wealth won't amount to not one f*&%ing thing in the end well worst case scenario i've never heard of the richest man in the grave, should i reflect here for one moment on the self made flamboyant tycoon himself Rene Rivkin??? Nothing agianst u Rene and hope u are at peace, i'm not the judge!

    Bible Code for September: Attack on Dome of the Rock

    looks likely at present, am not saying it will happen.

    Then if it occurs who might this be blamed on Syria/Iran
    ahhhh the lovely catalyst to get the "GAME" rolling.

    p.s...oil is signalling something big on the horizon, IMHO. I got this by email this morning:

    Cutting Edge Ministries has just posted a new, and most important, new Headline News article. It is NEWS2062, and is entitled, "Israeli Military Believes An October, 2005, Yom Kippur War Will Erupt" -- IF some special event occurs on the Jewish commemoration of "Tish B´av" (August 14), an unbelievable historical numeric signature will have been followed! You will then be able to understand the full significance of that Sharon Administration official who said that events in Israel are marching to a "timetable" and a "schedule".

    Israeli leadership has been staging key events according to a striking numeric schedule built upon the key numerics of "77", and "777", and "33" -- ever since the signing of the Oslo Accords on September 13, 1993, in the Clinton White House Rose Garden.

    Israel may be in the final, and third, phase since Oslo was signed.

    However, the REALLY BIG news is that Israeli military leadership believes all-out war will erupt on Yom Kippur, this year -- October 13, 2005.

    Is the world going to see the beginning of the Regional Middle Eastern War, which we know is designed to be the trigger for the Final Birth Pangs War known as World War III? Out of the dust and destruction of World War III, Antichrist will stride.

    You can decide for yourself once you read NEWS2062.


    David Bay, Director

    Cutting Edge Ministries

    So we know ww3 Technically started on 9/11 but the real ramifications of the madness is about to heat right up in the Middle East. Yes i'm only coming to warn u it's right on our doorstep what u can't deem possible to happen in your lifetime is right here right now knocking on Humanitys door :(

    i never believe it inevitable but then God's true word has a remarkable way of manifesting...all part of the "GAME" if u know how to read it...

    Are you ready for the NWO New World Oppression?




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