w/e junior oilers 11/12 oct03.

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    A big week in the oilers . And it is set to become more intense over the coming weeks . Thought we might toss around some ideas . Give those biting at the bit to do some ramping etc., an opportunity !

    PCL : Has announced after market close the issue 9m shares at a low 6 cents .......poor ! this appears to cover the directors salaries and consultancy fees ....well done . HDR does have its uses ?

    PSA : Waiting for Jocam9 ! and the support team?
    AYO : on the edge here .....with a YUK'y situation . But , 3599 is just around the corner . This stock is going somewhere .
    ARQ : Meetings with 50% partner ORIGIN . Things about to happen in the Perth Basin . Hit 88c yesterday?
    HZN and FAR : waste of space .
    HDR : going nowhere .... indication as to how the China syndromme with PSA HZN FAR will fizz!
    COE : looking good value at this level . Remember that the Cooper has higher costs than elsewhere ?
    STU : Value up to 73c....costs are again relevant here !
    CVN : This stock is undervalued . Could surprise market over the coming weeks with performance.
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