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vwm has huge potential

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    I hold VWM and believe this stock has huge potential once fully operational. Buyers are slowly starting to move into the stock and now is a perfect opportunity to get into the stock as the gap between 5c to 8c has very little liquidity.
    Lets consider the numbers. If this company can produce 2 million + tonnes of coal p.a. (coal $120+ per tonne) and based on other thermal coal produce's the company should easily produce in excess of $20 million++ positive cash flow after expenses. That's right, after operating expenses. The company is currently valued at around $10 million. The company has to be minimum of $60mil value at say 3 times future earnings of $20 mil. Thats all on super conservative estimates and does not even consider the value of it's molydbenum deposits. It obviously still requires various approval's however I cant see that this will be a problem. The minute all boxes have been ticked this will fly. So will I, on a big holiday with all the money I will make on it.
    Please people, tell me if I'm totally missing something and the reason more people are not jumping on this stock. I believe this one could be one of those stocks that will sky rocket, it's a matter of time.
    Would love to hear other peoples thoughts on this beauty.

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