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    Amazing how life deals you an oppertunity to hear about certain events first hand aint it.

    The much flaunted results shown in the Romanian cut of the ABC documentary about VTI and Bauxol was not inclusive of all the events that transpired between the parties involved and nor did it acuratetly portray the capabilities of the magic red mud in that situation, to say the least.

    Now that made me sit up and listen as I always hoped it was what it was a magic formula, for the mining sector in particular, it would seem it may have some application but nothing like I was led to believe with red mud being described to me as having been around for years and it applications quite well documented.

    Sorry VTI lovers but IMHO the scenario described to me exactly fittted the progress of this company to date, paricularly it had always baffled me why VTI was not greeted with open arms by the mining sector who in my experience are actively seeking new solutions for the obvious environmental problems that exist in there indudtry.

    I still hope it is a magic formula as we cold do with one.

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