VTI - Voluntaery Administration? How long?, page-2

  1. NQcowpat give up smoking bongs under the motorway and reading Spiderman comics.
    According to fridays fin report u lazy b , ... at the current burn rate, with 11 million in the kitty, id say about ....ohhh........ 3 yrs.
    If they cant pull a job by then , then they bloody well deserve to go to the dole office, fortunately, all the recent info i've been getting indicates otherwise. Dont take your eye off the ball.

    Your biggest concern at the moment is these seppos crapping their dacks. Gonna be a bit of a distraction in the short term.

    I really hope for your sake, it wont affect public confidence and spending their cash, i dont want to see you lose your night packing job at Woolies.

    Kick up da khyber and a smack in da chops for my favourite saddle bum.

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