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    Page below is not new but for some reasons it has new set of dates. Does anyone know the status quo of the pelletization ?

    1. SME

    CORDIS RTD-PARTNERS/© European Communities, 2000.
    Record Control Number: 56033

    Quality Validation Date: 2002-02-28

    Update Date: 2002-07-16

    Name: SME

    Department: Research & Development

    Address: Maliestraat 21

    City: Utrecht

    PostCode: 3581 SK


    Country: NETHERLANDS

    Type: Research

    Number of Employees: < 10

    Subject Index : Environmental Protection; Innovation, Technology Transfer; Materials Technology; Scientific Research; Waste Management

    Subject Details: SME - Geochem Research BV has more than 15 years of experience in the development of innovative methods for environmental management.
    The company uses its knowledge of natural geochemical processes and minerals to find cost-effective solutions for environmental problems.
    Some examples are: Phosphate recovery from calf manure by means of struvite precipitation; Neutralization of waste sulfuric acid by olivine, and the neutralization and purification of acid mine water with pelletized Bauxsol or Red Mud.

    Turnover: 0,16 million EURO

    Geochemical Engineering
    Hydraulic Engineering
    Civil Engineering
    Reactive Transport
    Heavy Metals
    Waste Management
    Metal Mining
    Tailing Ponds.
    Central and Eastern European Countries
    Future and Emerging Technologies
    Green Technologies/ Chemicals
    Materials Technology/ Engineering

    Non-metallic Mineral Technology
    Petrology, Mineralogy and Geochemistry
    Process Engineering

    Waste Management/Recycling
    Water: Monitoring/ Quality/ Treatment.

    Partners already acquired: Hydeko-KV (Slovac Republic), International Intstitute for Hydraulic and Environmental Engineering (The Netherlands), Kalkzandsteenfabriek Harderwijk (Netherlands).North African Services Company (Tunisia)

    Participation: Type A
    Type: Project Proposal
    Title: Pelletized Red-mud for Effluent Purification by Adsorption for Remediation of the Environment

    Type Details: Recent environmental disasters with tailings ponds of the European mining industry, have drawn public attention to the risks of the accumulation of large volumes of toxic and liquid waste.

    The new Bauxsol technology has been introduced by Virotec (Australia), allowing the rapid and cost-effective purification of mine waste water, by means of blending with treated waste of the bauxite refinement.

    Geochem Research has transformed the fine-grained Bauxsol into a granular material. Pelletized Bauxsol or Red mud can be used to construct permeable dams or filters. Mine water, percolating through this granular adsorbent is effectively neutralized and purified. In this way, the risky accumulation of large volumes of toxic, liquid waste is no longer necessary and future accidents with tailing ponds are prevented.

    Geochem Research, in cooperation with Virotec, likes to optimise its recipes for the fabrication of Bauxsol or Red mud pellets, design proper filters for the most effective neutralization and purification, and demonstrate the efficiency of the method by means of application at tailing ponds that most urgently have to be taken care of.

    Validity Date: 2002-10-01

    Workprogramme area(s)/key action(s)
    (EESD PART A) Environment and sustainable development
    (EESD 1) KA Sustainable Management and quality of water
    (EESD 8) RTD Activities of a generic nature (PART B)

    Target Partner
    Expertise: Geochem Research BV seeks partners that can offer the following:
    Research facilities to perform column percolation and adsorption experiments, including analysis of metal concentrations.
    Civil engineering and construction of pipelines and filters.
    Internet technology for an efficient management of a research and demonstration project with various partners in different countries.
    Modelling/Modelling tools and 4-D modelling of reactive transport with emphasis on percolation and adsorption on porous grains.
    Country: Any Country

    Contact Person
    Name: ZIJLSTRA, Hans (Dr)
    Organization: SME

    Position: R & D Manager
    Department/Unit 1: Research & Development

    Address: Maliestraat 21
    Post Code: 3581 SK
    City: Utrecht
    Country: NETHERLANDS
    WWW address (URL): http://geochem_research.tripod.com/geochem_research/
    E-mail address: [email protected]
    Telephone: +31-30-2219019
    Fax: +31-30-2213066

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