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    I've been doing some research on VTI with a view to buying.

    In their favour, they have a large product list.
    However, there are still some negatives, and I wondered what your thoughts were:

    1. Cash and Expenses
    From the latest Quaterly report:

    7.27 Cash at end of period 8,771
    Cash at end of same period last year: 13,391

    1.26 Details of relevant expenses

    research & development (1,288)
    mining interests costs (138)
    employee & directors costs (720)
    cost of rendering services (620)
    amortisation (51)
    Other (924)

    So, they have $4.5m less this year.
    Almost $1m of this was spent on 'Other'.

    Question 1: What is other?

    Question 2: They plan on developing more products up to 2005. This will use up more cash, right? How long can this go on?

    Question 3: The recent information on their activities is great. But most of them are 'demonstrations' and trials of their product range. They are setting up alliances with other companies. I don't see too much on actual NEW commercial, money making orders coming in. Why not?

    My general view, and feel free to disagree/change my mind:
    The company has a great R&D Team. They have produced 16 products so far, and are going for 20 products into 2005.

    However, all this research, and testing, and demonstrations over the past few years, has produced very little in actual Sales.

    Most long term holders in the share would probably agree. They're probably a bit frustrated at the company for not generating enough revenue.

    Why is the company concentrating on R&D, when it should really be concentrating on getting out and selling what it already has?

    So far it is not delivering on this side.

    The product updates, and information on trials have come in constantly over the past few 3 years. However the share price has gone down along with the cash in the bank.
    Why buy now?

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