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VTI - General meeting !!!, page-14

  1. OMG! dutes......a bloke logs on after a nice spring day and his eyes are accosted by more heart stopping revelations by the resident Grand Inquisitor, Protector of the Faithful and practicing President of the Maxwell Smart Fan club.".(love your shoe phone, but why Bunny slippers)?

    Dutes,I know what those figures are for, but then i can read..and i aint gonna tell ya...lol

    But , for you mate, just so u dont lose heart , lets say they were ...ummmm.....A downpayment for the first shipment of white slaves to them there muslim funnymentalists...or.....i got it.!..

    Osama bought himself a seat on the board...OH NO!!!

    Wait till he finds out that super sleuth and Hunter of Evildoers, Simon Dutymanager, ... is on his trail.....hes gonna [email protected] his daks..!!

    Now dutes lets just re hash shall we? :

    Dutes Call :,Vti ..down to 10...reality,up 15 cents to 37 and looking like someones is accumulating.
    Dutes call: Top stock APG when it was 9 cents.....reality now 5.7 cents and oops..more dilution, new share placement, naughty, naughty.

    Nix.:.. god knows.........Looks like Dracula may be in there somewhere , blood all been sucked out of it

    Cag:......just a minute ,sorry. i have to stop laughing 35 wasnt it....reality 2.8 cents and OH nO..more dilution in the next 2 months...over a billion soon:).

    PAS Dutes call:.. good punt ........reality rotting corpse, pronounced dead long after decomposition had set in.

    Dutes , why dont you write to dr Harry on TV ask him to tell you how to humanely euthanaise terminal dogs....i think you could make good use of the info.
    Bye, Dinner bell ringing..
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