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    HOMEX - Brisbane

    Virotec International Ltd (ASX/AIM: VTI) is pleased to announce an
    entirely new process ViroSewage(TM) technology, which the company
    believes, will be of substantial value to the global wastewater
    treatment industry.

    ViroSewage(TM) technology is a further development of the company's
    platform Bauxsol(TM) Technology. It is easily integrated into
    existing sewage treatment facilities and involves the implementation
    of a relatively simple engineering retro-fit and the application of
    ViroSewage(TM) reagents (patent applications lodged).

    ViroSewage(TM) technology was developed and tested in Australia, with
    the assistance of two Queensland municipal councils, one a
    conventional Trickle Filter Facility, and the other, a Biological
    Nutrient Removal Facility. At both facilities, ViroSewage(TM)
    technology delivered outstanding results

    Executive Chairman, Brian Sheeran states: "Increasing urbanisation
    and industrialisation have resulted in a dramatic increase in the
    volume of wastewater produced around the world. It has also created
    significant challenges. Sludge disposal is a worldwide problem. Odour
    pollution is a worldwide problem. The capacities of sewage treatment
    plants are constantly being stretched.

    Eighteen months ago, Virotec set out to see if the company could make
    cleaner waste water and cleaner biosolids (treated sludge). We
    exceeded all our expectations. ViroSewage(TM) technology compliments
    and optimises all the material flows and processes associated with
    sewage treatment, including final disposal.

    Today we bring to the market a process that delivers:

    1. Substantial odour reduction minimising local impacts from sewage
    treatment facilities.

    2. Reduced residence time in the final clarifier potentially allowing
    existing plants to significantly increase capacity without
    substantial increase in capital expenditure.

    3. Economically achievable removal of up to 99.9% of phosphorus.

    4. Superior biosolids that are free from objectionable odour,
    phosphate enriched and environmentally safe due to unmatched heavy
    metal immobilisation.

    5. Treated biosolids that "cook" during composting at up to 15
    degrees centigrade higher than normal untreated biosolids, while
    reducing the possibility of spontaneous combustion, providing
    significant environmental and economic incentives to compost
    biosolids that include;

    - 100% elimination of pathogens
    - Up to 65% reduction in time required for composting.
    - Up to 40% reduction in the quantity of green mulch required for

    Mr Sheeran concludes "Virotec has produced a technology able to
    deliver odourless effluent that easily meets the most stringent
    discharge limits for phosphorus and suspended solids as well as
    substantially enriched, stabilized odour free biocake ideal for
    recycling as a marketable product. The Directors believe
    ViroSewage(TM) technology will bring substantial rewards to
    shareholders and we are actively pursuing worldwide markets."

    For further information regarding the ViroSewage(TM) technology
    please refer to the attached additional explanatory information or
    refer to www.virotec.com.


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