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    No clear explanation... My impression is that either:
    1/ a big holder was getting out of VRLPA after they got the dividend, possibly thinking this is the last dividend given that the ordinary div was cut... or
    2/ somebody is buying votes for the upcoming AGM by getting ordinary shares and financing the purchases by selling down Prefs... or
    3/ both

    However, my subjective opinion is that the prefs are extremely cheap, someone (who is not paying with their own money, but most likely other people's funds or super) is in a predicament to get out quick. Take advantage of it while you can, I have... The options for the prefs are either they would stay woth a dividend, so the returns will be too high, and they'd cut it down, or there will be no dividend, and they'll have to convert the prefs to ordinary and you'll get to pocket that gap that's there (and that's nearly 70c at the moment!) BTW - I shorted VRL at $1.80 some six months back when FatProphets recommended them as BUY ;-)
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Currently unlisted public company.

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