VRL 0.00% $3.00 village roadshow limited

vrlpa-could it be to stop a takeover???

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    G'day guys,

    anyone follow my recommendation on VRLPA???
    hope u all did well!!!

    Now for a twist!
    I believe the directors of Village roadshow are cancelling the preferance shares to prevent the company from being taken over.
    As they own the majority of the ordinary shares it will now make it impossible for it to be taken over.

    What this means is that if anyone did want to take it over they will have to do it now!

    So heres the opportunity......
    Buy the VRLPA's....Very little downside as they are worth approx. $1.25 and hold for a few weeks.
    If there is a takeover it would have to be at between $1.50-$2.00.
    Thats a few cents of downside risk and 40%-80% upside!!
    Yes thats right!
    Goto to be worth a punt!
    A classic Rivkin opportunity!

    Goodluck !!!

    regards JOHN
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