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    About this time last month I posted a suggestion that VRI had the potential to be an excellent trading opportunity. Looking at the market this last week we have seen the stock firm up with an increase in liquidity and market depth, and a subsequent price increase from around 60 to 71 today.
    I beleive this is the very begining of a huge run for VRI. This is based on:
    1. the roll-out for its first commercial product deal with Pharmanex in Salt Lake City commences this week.
    2. the ADR listing should occur shortly in conjunction with the roadshow it is doing with the Bank of New York.
    3. the register is very tight and a large proportion of the stock is escrowed until the end of the year.
    4. a broker report from DJ Carmichael suggests that on a very conservative estimate of product sales, the company is likely to achive revenues of $10 million in the first year with expansion when it is rolled out in Japan and other markets in February. (and this is just one product out of 24)

    It is also interesting to note the company has a range of 24 products at various stages from research to commericalisation. The company has indicated in letter to shareholders that it beleives there are further commercial deals likley in the near future.

    Looking at stocks such as Peptech and Chemeq, i believe that VRI will follow in their path and be the focus of a huge reweighting and would not be suprised to see the stock move closer to its suggested value (DJ Carmichael report) of $1.70 over the coming months.
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