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    I have stayed away while the heat was exchanged on this thread- this now seems to have been rectified with the UNSUBSTANTIATED statements now removed as a result. The facts remain; VRC is a world class graphite co. in waiting that now also has 2 x gold projects, one of which is a proven resource ready to be turned into medium scale mine with stockpiles already there, the other a highly prospective ground immediately adjacent to PDIs spectacular find. Could be a gold province in the making there of which we have 6 permits all around.

    Fundamentals and recent history below.

    - VRC have only at the start of 2020 received approval to list our bonds for stage 1 funding on an African exchange the Mauritius- this was after 18 months of delay after delay via a Tanzanian route. So this is now put to bed. We are the first junior mining co. to list in on the exchange- needs to be acknowledged.

    - VRC are currently in talks to raise this funding for stage 1 with fantastic terms for both - investors getting 9.5% return, have taken longer due to COVID uncertainty but will touch on below as to why this feels like a formality

    - VRC have recently acquired a highly prospective gold situation immediately adjacent to PDI - only have to look at how they are doing, for those that don't know they are onto a spectacular gold find - results on drilling to flow through for them over the next month that will only add excitement to ours with VRC to also start our own exploration and hope to unlock a gold province in this area. Can you imagine this whole area is a spectacular gold province what this would mean to all who have area here???

    - Our chairman has continued to put his hand in his pocket as he is wanting this to succeed, you only have to look at cap raisings he has taken up for significant sums, the amount of shares that he has it is only in his best interest to make this successful (guys like this are worth their weight in gold) you can tell with all the recent news that he is steadfast, you need guys like him and he has all the contacts and determination.

    - Trevor Matthews, his history shows that he knows how to get companies to the next stage of natural progression, getting them to the 300M MC floor and beyond. You need a good leader and this is starting to show in spades with recent imagination to diversify and de-risk the company.

    -My favourite and most important- the 2nd recent Gold Project acquisition in which this is ready to be turned into a medium scale mine, this is a PROVEN resource with stockpiles ready to be sold, ready to even be used to FUND our Bunyu graphite project. News flow on the way with what these stockpiles entail and an updated JORC2012. Have a look at PDI MC much higher to VRC but they are only still in EXPLORING faze of which we even have the land next to them and are ALSO doing the same BUT we ALSO have a proven resource in the ground READY to be extracted of which $20m U.S has already been spent on development prior to us getting it.

    - The funding talks that are 'progressing' would now be looked upon by the potential investors in a WHOLE NEW light given the recent gold acquisitions. They now know we have millions in the ground ready to be extracted, they would now see our company completely de-risked from a monetary stance. This is a game changer and I am now expecting developments on our funding as a result!

    - Binding off takes on stage 1 of our graphite –the complete stage 1 is already spoken for, there is an appetite for our graphite and the demand is only going to increase and will coincide with our mine developments

    - LOW MARKET CAP - The shares on issue is irrelevant, the MC is what is important have a look at Fortescue, have a look a the billions of shares on issue. Makes no difference how many shares there are. The market cap is what needs to be looked at, of which our current MC sits at $30m - this is with a world class in waiting graphite project (with talks in improved markets underway for funding) a gold reserve waiting to be sold off, mined, option to even aid funding on graphite mine (VALUE IS THERE IN ALL FORMS) and a highly prospective gold tenement all would want to get their hands on right next to PDI's spectacular discovery. To say we have many horses running is really an understatement, those that appreciate this are taking advantage of these prices and need only to a little more patient as what looked to be a down year in 2020 is now a game changer for VRC.

    - Graphite - superior product with Large and jumbo flakes meaning we can use it for all various graphite needs around the world, including EV vehicles (countries banning petrol vehicles in years to come- need 10 x times graphite / lithium in those batteries. Fire retardants on buildings - new legislations across the globe demanding they are used on ALL buildings,

    Next News flow over coming weeks....
    -News on updated JORC at Zambia
    -News on stockpiles at Zambia
    -Drilling program at tenements all around PDI
    -News on funding for stage 1 Bunyu
    -PDI will continue to drill and the more they unlock the more exciting this is for VRC

    (Please watch the recent video from TM on corporate spotlight on hot copper for updates on news flow.)

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