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    Watching Voyo options again as the depth at open appears interesting. Sometimes movement in the options is a precursor to something more significant in the FPO. I don't know what as like someone else mentioned yesterday I would have expected the stock to drift back toward 18 cents.

    I spoke with Johm Begg a few weeks ago and he indicated that Voyager was trying to get some small institution interested in the offer. He indicated that maybe that wouldn't fly and they would try to place the shares with large Hartley Clients and or existing holders.

    He held great promise for Perth Basin and believes that current Hovea drilling will add further support to their strategy.

    He also mentioned without me asking that he thought the options had great leverage. I didn't think nothing of it now until I started to see this strange behaviour of options creeping up with FPO going nowhere.

    Maybe I'm reading something into nothing( call it a gutfeeling) but it sure looks strange especially with current market depth and volume of FPO.
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