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vote no to funding deal

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    Fellow MRV shareholders,

    You are about to hear a lot about this funding deal, basically for those that have not done the maths. it is stating the funder, whom is not Twinkle Woods but a "Confidential Investor" whom is covered by confidentiality agreements, will buy 40.8% of the company for 1 million dollars. That is in total the board think the entire company is worth 2.5 million.

    Seriously, who are they kidding.

    Also what you are about to hear, is that the Chairman states he is shocked at the deal and did not know the offering entity, does not know his/her name or know what strategic value this person beings. That was stated on the 1st of October to a lunch of business associates and several shareholders whom started to become very alarmed. He has stated this in at least three forums and it is a matter of public record to at least 5 or 8 Snr business leaders whom all walked away shocked that the Chair of the Company had that much oversight or Due Diligence on this deal.

    Then of course is the fact that the director who negotiated the deal, has a prior association with this entity as stated by the chairman, that is someone who is trusted and has past business associations... So stated by the Chairman of the company, but yet the same chairman states he was not across the deal and knows nothing about it, in fact he states it is a leap of faith. The director who did do the deal states this was massive favor by the funding entity and that the lack of security or documents in place at the time of the funding were something that he would never do, so I guess that is an indication of how much trust and prior association there is then.

    Then of course there is the Realm Resources connections, you will note if you have all done your research all of the board are prior Realm Resources board members or employees, and then of course there is Teknix Capital take which is a Directors businesses, and another director works in it, and it all seems to be based in Asia where this mystery deal has come from.

    Mmmmmmm folks time to start to question your board, make your concerns know to ASIC and vote NO at the AGM on the 14th of November 2013.

    To the board, what other arrangements to you have in place given the fact this is a vote and NO will be supported, where are your alternates.........

    Lots to unfold this week, so stay tuned but what I can guarantee you, is all of these are just the facts all public record but just need to be put together!!!!!!!
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