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    On behalf of the current and proposed board of Directors of your
    company, I am delighted to offer you this opportunity to invest in
    VosTech Limited (VosTech or Company) and participate in the future
    potential of the Company's new biotechnology acquisitions.

    Subject to approval by the Company's shareholders at the General
    Meeting being convened on 12 August 2002, VosTech will make offers to
    acquire 100% of the capital of Brightsun, an animal biotechnology

    Brightsun is focussing on the research, development and
    commercialisation of biological solutions for both companion and
    production animals. The aim of these biological solutions is to
    improve the health and welfare of animals, increase productivity at
    an economical cost, and reduce the use of chemicals and drugs,
    particularly antibiotics, in production animals.

    Increasing awareness of the influence of chemical and antibiotic
    residues on human health, animal health and the human food chain, and
    the emergence of drug and chemical resistance, dictates that more
    acceptable alternative solutions to animal healthcare problems are
    developed to reduce the widespread and often detrimental use of these
    chemicals and drugs.

    The use of certain antibiotics in food producing animals is already
    subject to regulation, with some additives prohibited in certain
    countries reflecting the acknowledgment of the role of residues from
    meat or poultry meat in the development of antibiotic resistance in
    bacterial diseases of humans, or the so-called "superbugs".

    The initial projects that Brightsun has identified are the result of
    years of dedicated research by the research teams at both the
    Livestock Industries division at the Commonwealth Scientific and
    Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Division of
    Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at Murdoch University.

    The initial production animal solutions are targeting the pig and
    poultry health products markets world-wide which are estimated to be
    in excess of US$8 billion per annum. These solutions comprise a
    vaccine delivery system, specific vaccines targeting commercially
    important diseases and biotherapeutics and productivity enhancers
    that aim to replace the current antibiotic usage.

    The initial companion animal solution under development is for an
    efficient and biological flea control vaccine. The current companion
    animal flea control product global market is estimated at US$2
    billion per annum, the dominant products being either chemically
    based or having low rates of efficacy.

    The production animal solutions are at an advanced stage of
    development with a number of key patents granted in the USA and other
    developed countries, with others under application. Milestone based
    commercial understandings with major veterinary pharmaceutical
    companies have been reached, although not executed, for the
    evaluation and development of certain products in specific geographic

    The acquisition of Brightsun provides access to these well
    established biotechnology projects. These projects aim to improve
    disease or parasite control in animals and poultry, reduce the use of
    harmful chemicals and drugs, and reduce the level of chemical and
    antibiotic residue entering the human food chain. The potential and
    existing markets for these products is large, with the opportunity
    for these new products to replace existing products and create new
    markets. The products are all biologically based.

    The capital raised pursuant to the Offers contained within this
    Prospectus will be utilised in furthering the Company's development
    of its existing technology and the biotechnology investments to be
    acquired as a result of the Brightsun transactions.

    I recommend this investment opportunity to you.

    D Steinepreis
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