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volume not indicative of hype

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    If this stock is to show any sort of upside pressure or pre emptive positive shocks, than next week you should see some buying, heavy buying...otherwise, we're in for a rude awakening.... there's all but over 1 week left before cashflows come out which will be indicative of weather numbers can be crunched through to meet expectations..... anything can happen in a company that we are not aware of....

    Given that public information about profit projection is out, there is still very little strong support for stock.. you should ask yourself why.. even most of you small time punters who have $5000 tucked away would be tempted to have a play at ASC, after all where else on the exchange can you find such a good play, a good bet given that the ASC's hands are revealed, its in a potential growth stage... all the stories head that way.. but why the lack of support.. its over a month since the 13th May announcement....

    I believe an air of caution is warranted.. .. trading is lacklustre ..
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Currently unlisted public company.

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