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volatility /turnover

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    just looking at the turnover figures for lumacim - they are truelly amazing. it is obvious that there are a lot of outright speculators in the stock, and they are not really worried about long term prospects, but rather see a chance to make a few dollars. this is fine, because it takes all types to create a market. the following are the figures

    This Week 9,582,263
    This Month 14,432,408
    This Year 121,884,963

    just as a rough guess, maybe 40% of the shares are held by directors, and associates (or friends, or whatever), and are not readilly available for trading (obviously, everything is for sale at a price - even my shares). that leaves a floating pool of 60m shares,which are traded, and of course, there are obviously some long term holders (including myself) in there. never the less, it is blatantly obvious that a lot of shares are being held for a short time, and are actively traded. this leads to a lot of volatility, as traders make snap decision, as to whether to buy, sell, or hold

    for the long term holders, thy will make the most out of this company - i hope

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