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    I'm new to this fourm thing but have been following AEX since early 2001.

    I read the Voisey Bay article also and thought the worst for Wingellina, and to add to that WMC's lack of progress on their neighbouring properties.

    However, the positive activities such as taking a 100% stake in Wingellina, floating Fox to separate all the other projects leaving Wingellina a company making project. They have no environmental or native title issues to impead progress. The only concern is the location but it can't be that remote if there are 3 or 4 other juniors now in the area. The results so far have indicated that the ore is good for low cost production.
    The fact that AMP is reported to have a stake in AEX is shows institutional interest.

    I think that Ed is thinking about and IPO later this year for his old mining data company and that he can't trade his 8 million listed options until 8 October 2002. The fact that the exploration and feasibilty study should be finalised by the end of the December quarter shows the future announcements maybe geared to maximise the value of the oppies after the 8th October but not too long after as to leave him short to partially underwrite his potential IPO.

    That's my theory but I could be way off !!!!!!!

    I hold AEXO.
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