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    I will reply here.
    1) That was posted a few years ago, So what has PEN done and where is PEN now, Still doing field trials (number 3) last announcement 12 to 18 months away and waiting for Oxidant approval late in the year, if no second amendment is needed,... disappoint, disappoint and more disappointment... Good reason to be out.

    2) That was also a few years ago,.. And PEN still hasn't proven its project, section 232 disappointed, NFWG disappointed and now Den's $1.5b will be disappointing for miners, PEN not ready still in FT mode... Good reason to change i mind...

    3) I put my hand up almost 12 months ago i was wrong about PEN, and have apologize to Y3 for my comments, and as history has shown Y3 was/is right and the most inform poster i read,.. Can i ask you ura-bull have you been wrong on a stock or anyone...?????

    So was i wrong to get out of PEN and see the value in VMY,... on today price i be even on PEN, But well in the green on VMY....

    I see your butting heads with Y3 now in the PEN forum,... "This post of your's was only to butt heads.".. if your going to post try being constructive in your discussion be it positive or negative, you have a habit of discussing the poster not the subject, maybe its your way of derailing the thread... Thank you...
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