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    Steve Vizard has nothing to fear even if he is found by a jury of his peers to have committed what most people are begining to believe "insider trading".

    I say this in all conscience knowing full well that apart from a blaze of publicity, the law applies differently to well connected persons in Vizards category, rich famous and connected. Rene Rivkin has demonstrated to us that it is possible to make the law into an Ass if it is not already one.

    The levels of corruption in Australia is like the 'Kings New Clothes". Everyone sees and knows it but no one wants to comment lest the King outraged orders you to the tower.

    Steve Vizard has a number of options if caught out. The first would be that (a) the devil made him do it (b) he was not aware of Telstra's relationship or impending acquisition of sausage software (c) he had a discretionary account with a broker who executed the orders without his express knowledge (d) his wife who knows little about the mechanics of or the market in general decided to purchase sausage because it was what she had on her mind for that nights menu for dinner or if he wanst more I will have to charge him for it. But they all point to what the Nixon administration termed 'Plausibel Denials".

    This man is an admitted lawyer. The standard of proof and knowledge of his alleged offence are those of not only a board member with knowledge but also that of a consummate businessman and lawyer with above average knowledge of the consequences of his actions whether these were carelessly undertaken or reckless as to the consequences when he did what he did.

    There is to be an inquiry into why the liquidator prevented a special rights issue to save One Tel, at the time no one dared say anything because these were the sons of those who effectively assert control of this country thrugh their media empires, political conections and and vast sums of money.

    As a Chinese cousin of mine once commented when I asked why he spent over a million buying a certain listed vehicle here, "Where else in thiis world can you close your eyes and cheat a living with so many idiots around?" "If this were Singapore"e said, Lee would have hanged him by the B.lls.

    A good mitigating story if connected would be, "My grandmother was in Bergen Belsen and I have recurring nightmares of the holocoust" or "I have prostate cancer"
    Australian courts love these stories. In fact I think Saddam Hussein should plead the same defence against those who use it to benefit from all of us.
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