VIX for the Aussie Market

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    I am wanting to find a way of being able to incorporate the use of the VIX indicator for the Australian market into my TA, and would be grateful for suggestions on how I might be able to do this. I know that in the US it is a widely used tool, and imo is quite useful. My current charting packages do not offer this indicator. Are there any free sites that publish the VIX for say the XJO or XAO on a daily and weekly basis? Does anyone know if the formula can be coded into other charting packages? I ask this as I used to run Metastock and are wondering if I should return to add that charting package to my arsenal, with the hope that I can also run a VIX indicator for the Aussie Stock Market.

    Any ideas of how to access the VIX for the Aussie Share Market would be appreciated.

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