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    Axeman Attacks Chef Over Pizza
    Tue Mar 4, 9:13 AM ET

    FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Unhappy with his pizza and not content with a refund, a man in Germany has gone after the chef with an axe.

    Frankfurt police said the 57-year-old man was restrained by customers after he drew the axe from his coat and started swinging it at the cook.

    "Apparently, the pizza didn't agree with him," said police spokesman Manfred Feist. "He wasn't a regular customer."

    The drunken man, who had been offered a refund or a fresh pizza after complaining his first one was revolting, was ejected from the restaurant after shouting abuse.

    He later returned to continue his tirade and then produced the axe and attempted to strike the chef but patrons managed to wrestle him to the ground. He was arrested by police.
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