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VIV wins 2018 Smart Lighting Solutions Company of the Year

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    0 Australia Smart Lighting Solutions Company of the Year VIVID TECHNOLOGY LTD

    The 2015 Smart Lighting Vendor of the Year was awarded to Philips Lighting.

    VIVID TECHNOLOGY Market Cap = ~30 million AUD

    Philips Lighting Market Cap = ~5 billion USD

    VIV adds yet another respected lighting award to their collection, continuing momentum from winning late 2017's National Best Innovation in Energy Efficiency for their intelligent LED lighting platform (the awards were attended by the Minister for Environment & Energy and the Californian Energy Commissioner who flew to Melbourne for the occasion.)

    CSIRO are renowned for developing breakthrough and disruptive technology (including WiFi we all take for granted). Hear what they have to say straight from the horse's mouth:

    "Vivid Industrial has developed a unique global leading lighting platform which is more cost-effective and energy efficient than other comparable systems." - CSIRO
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