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vision for further sp increase

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    Maybe it’s a bit speculative but in my opinion the following next steps should support the sp development in the coming weeks and months:

    • aggressive dewatering of the Bibblewindi wells leads soon to “desorption pressure” and the initial gas flow allows a peak production estimate

    • first results from the corehole program brings hopefully good values for gas content and permeability

    • we get a first 2P gas reserve certification about 50 to 100 PJ

    • we get a 2P certification about 200 PJ by year end

    • Bibblewindi and Bohena gas will connected with Wilga Park Powerstation and enhance sales to Country Energy

    • And perhaps ESG is able to farm out the Darling – Basin licenses (maybe next year, Red Sky Energy will probably commence a drilling program in their Darling - licenses which are in close proximity to the ESG – PELs. It could be helpful if they are successful)

    … To make a long story short, I think we still have a lot of upside potential whit ESG

    Cheers to holders and sorry for my English
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