Virus cured ?- black lives don’t matter

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    This has got to be good news for the country. Last week Democrat states were arresting people for going to the park, re-opening businesses and even in NY you couldn’t swim in the ocean.

    It’s great news the virus cleared and suddenly Cuomo and other Dem leaders are outraged with the prospect of Trump ordering in troops to shut these “protests aka riots aka looting down.

    Just like that, the virus and the desperate need to isolate and social distance was all forgotten. The media went from embarrassing people for “selfishly” trying to open their business to praising the “peaceful riots” and the desperate need for people to “blow off some steam”

    Last week the Dems, Hollywood & media were calling people RACIST for wanting to protest and harming the vulnerable black community. BUT this week the same Dem leadership of states are encouraging and promoting protests, riots and looting . And Orange man bad for wanting it to stop.

    Geez, the sceptic in me can’t help but think that either “Black lives don’t matter” or the virus and you are a RACIST for risking black lives with the virus was just a hoax.

    You can’t have it both ways . The reality is that black lives are just a political pawn. Cuomo and other state governors are no more about blacks dying of covid as they do or the deadly weekend just gone in Chicago where many blacks died.
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