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    apols for using this forum, but need to get your attention.

    just received 2 email messages purporting to be from Microsoft, instructing me to open the attachment which is supposed to be a "September 2003, cumulative patch" to fix security flaws in Outlook.

    Both attachments contained a worn-type virus.

    Very scary stuff (for the inexperienced user) as each message looks extremely convincing, right down to the Microsoft logo's etc.

    For your reference:

    message (a)
    from: Program Security Centre
    to: Microsoft Partner
    headed: Last Microsoft Security Pack
    emanated from IP address, which is assigned to a dial-up ISP located in Cambodia

    message (b)
    from: MS Technical Assistance
    to: Microsoft Customer
    headed: Latest Microsoft Security Pack
    emanates from same IP address as message (a)

    in both cases the attached is titled "Norton AntiVirus"
    and the virus is called "Worm.automat.AHB"

    be careful out there!
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