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    Just rec'd from Symantec the "Lovgate" virus threat has been upgraded:

    What is [email protected] and how does it affect me?
    [email protected] is a variant of [email protected] This worm contains mass-mailing and backdoor functionality.

    There are no major functionality differences between this variant and [email protected] This variant appears to have been re-compiled with a different compiler, and then packed with the same runtime compression utility as [email protected]

    To replicate, [email protected] creates its own emails, adds infected attachments to each email, and then emails each infected message. The email message is one of the following:

    Subject: Documents
    Attachment: Docs.exe
    Body: Send me your comments...

    Subject: Roms
    Attachment: Roms.exe
    Body: Test this ROM! IT ROCKS!.

    Subject: Pr0n!
    Attachment: Sex.exe
    Body: Adult content!!! Use with parental advisory.

    Subject: Evaluation copy
    Attachment: Setup.exe
    Body: Test it 30 days for free.

    Subject: Help
    Attachment: Source.exe
    Body: I'm going crazy... please try to find the bug!

    Subject: Beta
    Attachment: _SetupB.exe
    Body: Send reply if you want to be official beta tester.

    Subject: Do not release
    Attachment: Pack.exe
    Body: This is the pack ;)

    Subject: Last Update
    Attachment: LUPdate.exe
    Body: This is the last cumulative update.

    Subject: The patch
    Attachment: Patch.exe
    Body: I think all will work fine.

    Subject: Cracks!
    Attachment: CrkList.exe
    Body: Check our list and mail your requests!

    What action can I take from here?
    Symantec Security Response posted virus definitions to protect against this threat on February 24, 2003 (via LiveUpdate). All users of Norton AntiVirus who do not have up-to-date virus protection should immediately run LiveUpdate for protection from [email protected]

    Virus definitions are available via the LiveUpdate feature in the Norton AntiVirus product or the Symantec Security Response Web site.

    Symantec Security Response encourages all Norton AntiVirus users to regularly download virus definitions in order to protect against future threats. For more information on how to run LiveUpdate, please click here.

    UPGRADE CUSTOMERS - If you have an older version of Norton AntiVirus and would like to upgrade to Norton AntiVirus 2003, please click here.

    NEW CUSTOMERS - If you would like to purchase Norton AntiVirus 2003, please click here.


    Symantec Security Response Team
    Symantec Corporation

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