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    Virotec International Ld
    02 May 2003

    ABN 81 004 801 398
    2 May 2003


    The Directors provide the following update on some recent activities of Virotec
    International Ltd (ASX/AIM: VTI). This update is to inform shareholders and the
    market of the significant progress made commercially in each of Virotec's main
    divisions and in other corporate areas.

    ViroMine Division

    This Division predominantly services the mining industry, providing solutions to
    acid mine/rock drainage and waste rock dump remediation. The following progress
    has been achieved within the Division:-

    Agua Forte - Portugal

    Virotec has successfully completed its work on the Agua Forte mine remediation
    project in Portugal with its strategic partner Terra Plus. The project was
    commissioned by EXMIN (Companhia de Industria e Servicos Minieiros e Ambientais
    SA) and Virotec, Terra Plus and EXMIN are now considering further remediation
    projects in Portugal.

    U.S. EPA (Region 8)

    As previously advised the initial trials at the Gilt Edge Mine in South Dakota
    conducted by the U.S. EPA (Region 8) have been completed and a case study is now
    available on the project from Virotec's website. Due to the satisfactory results
    achieved, Virotec will participate in further trials to be conducted on site.
    Results of these trials will be provided to the market when it is available from
    the U.S. EPA.

    Geoenvirotec - Korea

    Virotec has shipped the first container load of 22 tonnes of Acid B ExtraTM to
    its Korean strategic partner Geoenvirotec Co. Ltd. for use in an acid rock
    drainage project being conducted by its client, Korea Highway Corporation. Dr.
    Jeongyul Suh, CEO of Geoenvirotec, has reported, 'After a successful visit to
    Virotec's commercial laboratory in Lismore and mine remediation centre in Drake
    by officials of Korea Highway Corporation and other Korean delegates, we have
    secured the first of several contracts for the treatment of acid rock drainage
    and waste rock dump remediation in South Korea. The officials were particularly
    impressed with Virotec's new active mineral treatment system, and together we
    see many more application possibilities in different industries for such a

    Savage River - Tasmania

    Virotec and its project partner, Pitt and Sherry consulting engineers, have been
    contracted by the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
    (DPIWE) in Tasmania and have successfully conducted initial trials of the
    ViroMine Technology on acid mine drainage at the Savage River mine site. This
    initial testing is anticipated to be the first stage in the remediation of the
    Savage River site.

    ViroFlow Division

    This Division provides wastewater and sludge management services to a variety of
    industries, providing solutions to deal with wastewater contaminated with heavy
    metals and phosphorous. The following progress has been achieved within the


    Virotec has completed a one-month funded wastewater treatment demonstration
    using its ViroFlowTM Technology at Australia's largest sheepskin tannery located
    in Queensland. Wastewater generated from the tanning process had high levels of
    chromium, suspended solids, BOD and sulphates. The existing wastewater
    treatment system was inadequate and required substantial improvement in order to
    reduce the levels of pollutants in the discharge water to acceptable limits to
    comply with Regulatory guidelines. Virotec's ViroChromeTM reagent was used to
    treat wastewater from the tannery and successfully reduced the levels of
    contaminants in the wastewater, in particular chromium and sulphates, to well
    below the regulatory discharge limit. A noticeable reduction in odour has also
    been reported by tannery staff and local government officials.

    Following the outstanding success of the demonstration, Virotec has signed a
    two-year license to supply ViroFlowTM Technology to the tannery. In addition,
    Virotec expects to begin later in 2003 remediation trials on existing tannery
    sludge stockpiles which have accumulated for 25 years at the same tannery.

    Whilst this license is not significant in dollar terms, it is significant in
    demonstrating market acceptance and the commercial viability of Virotec's
    innovative technologies in this large global market.

    Virotec has also agreed to demonstrate the ViroFlowTM Technology at another two
    tanneries, one in central Queensland and one in New South Wales, commencing in
    May 2003. These demonstrations will be fully funded and once completed will
    provide Virotec with complete case studies on different size tanneries that will
    facilitate the appointment of the appropriate strategic partners and the
    marketing of the Technology overseas.

    Paper Mill

    Virotec has been awarded a contract for the remediation of mercury contaminated
    wastewater at a Tasmanian paper mill. Whilst the size of the project is small,
    it demonstrates the ability of the Technology to remediate mercury contaminated
    industrial wastewater which was stored for more than 10 years without any viable
    solution. The usage of the ViroFlow solution has been approved by DPIWE in
    Tasmania. There are significant markets for this solution, particularly in
    Europe, which the company is presently exploring.

    ViroSewage Division

    This Division predominantly services the sewage industry, providing solutions
    for the removal of phosphorous and heavy metals, the reduction of Biochemical
    Oxygen Demand (BOD), and Total Suspended Solids (TSS), and the control of odour
    in sewage effluent, and for the management of bio-solids. The following progress
    has been achieved within the Division:-

    Kilcoy STP Trial Completed

    Virotec successfully completed a full-scale trial of ViroSewageTM Technology at
    the Kilcoy Shire Council sewage treatment plant (STP), in Queensland, Australia,
    in February 2003, Independent analysis demonstrated that ViroSewageTM is an
    effective means of decreasing phosphorous, odour, (BOD), and (TSS) in sewage
    effluent, improving colour, turbidity, and clarity in treated effluent, and
    increasing hydraulic throughput.

    Cecil Forbes, the chief engineer of Kilcoy's STP has said 'The implementation of
    ViroSewageTM Technology has resulted in significant improvements in removal of
    phosphorous, nitrogen, suspended solids and biochemical oxygen demand.
    Additionally, the clarity of the treated water has been consistently high, and
    is a vast improvement over our previous system. We have found there has been
    substantial odour reduction from the typical odour generation points, such as
    the primary clarifier and digester.

    'ViroSewageTM Technology has also enabled us to look at re-use options for the
    bio-solids. The bio-solids produced are currently sent to landfill and we are
    now investigating re-use of this valuable resource.'

    Appointment of Business Development Manager

    Virotec has appointed Mr Frank Gnanam as International Business Development
    Manager for the ViroSewageTM Division.

    Mr. Gnanam, MBA B Tech Chem Engg CPE CE MIEAust MIChemE, is an experienced
    Business Developer who, between 1995-2002, had responsibility for the marketing,
    sales and business development activities for Australia, New Zealand and the
    Asia Pacific whilst employed by BP Solar Australia (renewable energy) and Sulo
    Australia (solid waste management). Prior to this period Mr Gnanam has
    predominantly worked in specialist water and wastewater treatment companies,
    notably as Plant Manager with Sydney Water (1991-1994), managing the operations,
    maintenance and asset management of Sydney Water's second largest STP. As a
    result, in addition to his experience in business development, Mr. Gnanam is
    well versed with equipment and technology used in the wastewater treatment

    Mr Gnanam is charged with developing a cash flow positive business from the
    ViroSewageTM Technology, initially in Australia with a view to the international
    market in due course.

    ViroSoil Division

    This Division predominantly services agricultural, industry and property
    developers, providing solutions for dealing with acid and heavy metals
    mobilisation generated from Acid Sulphate Soils, as well as fertiliser and soil
    remediation services. The following progress has been achieved within the


    The commercial demonstration of the treatment of Acid Sulphate Soils (ASS) at a
    prawn farm owned by Tomei Australia Pty Ltd has concluded. Results achieved
    demonstrate that the ViroSoilTM Technology has the ability to lower pond pH and
    reduce heavy metals in pond sand, both major stressors on prawn life and growth.
    Independent toxicology studies performed also reveal that there was no metal
    uptake in monodon prawns in the two ponds to which the ViroBindTM reagent was
    applied. The crop has been harvested in April 2003 with the yields from the
    ponds treated with the ViroBindTM reagent being the highest ever recorded for the

    Mr Thorbjorn Lyster of Tomei Australia noted that:

    'The soil and water analytical results taken from within the prawn
    ponds confirmed the efficacy of Virotec's treatment. Visual inspection and
    toxicology analyses showed that the prawns were as healthy as any on the farm
    during the later stages of the crop. Due to market factors, these ponds were
    amongst the last prawns to be harvested from the farm however they appear to
    have survived well and were able to grow to a larger than anticipated size.

    We are still finishing up the harvesting process and have not yet been able
    to complete our results, however it is clear at this stage that the results for
    at least one of the treated ponds (Pond #12) is the best we have seen for this
    pond in the 8 years of its existence.

    This pond is expected to yield at a rate of around 4 times than that of the next
    best harvest ever from that pond, and in the order of 100 times better than the
    usual production level in this pond. For the first time since its construction
    this badly affected pond has produced at a commercially viable level. At this
    stage it appears that the yields from both treated ponds are better than we
    would generally expect from these ponds when compared with our highest yielding
    ponds for the same prawn species.'

    Following this successful application, Virotec plans to actively market the
    ViroSoilTM Technology to the aquaculture market, initially in Australia and then

    Alumina Services and Production Division

    This Division predominantly services the Alumina Refinery industry by marketing
    the BaseconTM Technology, a treatment for the residue generated by refineries and
    is responsible for the production of Virotec's product range. The following
    progress has been achieved within the Division:-

    MAL - Hungary

    Virotec has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding ('MOU') with MAL
    Hungarian Aluminium Producing and Trading Co. Ltd. in Hungary to evaluate the
    introduction of the BaseconTM technology. The stated objective of the MOU is to
    assist the refinery to cease the production of caustic red mud waste. The
    evaluation process will be funded by the refinery and Virotec will have
    exclusive use of the treated material for its future production of its BauxsolTM
    range of products.

    Eurallumina Production

    Virotec has streamlined its production process at the Eurallumina plant in
    Sardinia (Italy) and is now able to produce a range of its products more
    efficiently. As a result, products are now being despatched from Eurallumina
    throughout Europe and Australasia.

    Corporate and Other Matters

    In addition to the commercial progress noted above, Virotec continues to
    negotiate a number of agreements and alliances that will assist in advancing the
    Company into new sectors and regions.

    License for the HydroDec Technology

    The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation ('CSIRO') has
    granted to Virotec an exclusive licence to commercialise the HydroDec
    Technology. The licence has an initial term of 13 years which may be extended
    subject to Virotec meeting minimum performance criteria.

    The HydroTec Technology was developed and patented by CSIRO with the assistance
    of industry partners. The HydroDec Technology is a technology for the
    refurbishment of dielectric fluids (in particular used transformer oil), and/or
    the dechlorination of chlorinated hydrocarbons specifically and the
    dehalogination of polyhalogenated hydrocarbons more generally. The Technology
    is unique in its ability to fully refurbish spent dielectric oils and at the
    same time completely remove PCB contamination. It is virtually a zero emission
    process that allows for greater than 99% recycling of spent dielectric oil to
    new dielectric oil.

    This addition complements the existing suite of Virotec's technologies as it is
    an effective treatment of organic contaminants that are unable to be treated by
    the BauxsolTM Technology. In line with Virotec's strategic plan, it will seek a
    suitable partner to assist in the marketing of this technology.

    Research and Development Agreement with Sugar Research Limited

    In March 2003, Virotec signed a Research and Development Agreement with the
    Sugar Research Institute (SRI). This Agreement allows SRI, based in Mackay,
    Queensland, to jointly conduct research into a number of areas which may have
    commercial value to the sugarcane processing, refining and other sectors of the
    sugar industry. The signing of this agreement follows successful research
    conducted by the SRI using a variety of BauxsolTM blends to demineralise and
    decolour clarified juice and refinery liquor. This is a further example of the
    platform nature of the BauxsolTM Technology.

    Agreement with South Eastern Link Pty Ltd

    In April 2003 Virotec signed a marketing agreement with South Eastern Link to
    market the products and services of Virotec in Indonesia.

    Attendance at Conferences

    To assist Virotec in achieving even greater international recognition for its
    Technologies, the Company has become more actively involved in delivering papers
    and presentations at key conferences. Of particular note are:

    • Professor David McConchie will speak at the CIM
    Mining Conference Exhibition to be held in Montreal, Canada in May 2003. A
    paper titled 'The use of BauxsolTM technology in mine site management and
    remediation' will be presented. Professor McConchie also delivered a paper
    titled 'The use of industrial mineral additives to enhance the performance of
    Bauxsol-based environmental remediation reagents 'to the Australian Industrial
    Minerals Conference in March 2003.

    • Virotec's European representatives Dr. William Prast
    and Paul Gazzard were invited to speak at a conference on dam safety held by the
    Finnish Environment Institute SYKE, in April in Helsinki. The conference
    included more than 20 presentations by Finnish representatives from national and
    local government, as well as from large Finnish industrial corporations.
    Virotec International was the only non-Finnish company to be asked to speak at
    the meeting. It was an opportunity to present the significant achievements
    recorded in Portugal, and to identify opportunities for similar project
    assignments in Finland and other Nordic countries.

    • Dr. Lee Fergusson presented papers on Virotec's
    municipal and industrial wastewater treatment sludge management applications to
    the largest chemical treatment conference in South-East Asia, 'ChemTech 2003',
    held in Mumbai, India in January 2003, and to a peak industry conference
    'TechCon 2003' held in Mumbai during the same month.

    • Virotec has previously presented papers at the 6th
    International Alumina Quality Workshop and the 5th International Acid Sulphate
    Soils Conference, both in late 2002.

    Website Upgrade

    Virotec has recently made significant changes to its website, which can be found
    such that it now includes additional information regarding
    its technologies, reagents, research and development, and commercialisation

    Virotec International Ltd develops new technologies and manufactures distributes
    and applies new market-driven environmental products for water and soils. For
    further information, please visit our web site at
    Virotec International Ltd Tel: +617 5530 8014

    PO Box 188
    Sanctuary Cove QLD
    [email protected]

    This information is provided by RNS
    The company news service from the London Stock Exchange

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