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    This comes from true research group.

    I would like to acknowledge that the original newspaper link came from Bull101, since then we both reading it.

    Translation comes from the machine (I will not polish it as I don't want to interfere) .
    26 August 2002

    What is the red mud
    Residual of the working of the bauxite that comes imported from Australia. The multinational corporation produces a million tons year.
    In the photo up the great river basin of Portovesme in which they are unloads the residual ones to you of the production.
    On the left Vittorio Bellò, the general executive manager of the society Virotec Italy that means to transform the fifty for hundreds of the muddy refuse. The result will be a mixture that will render the rubbish dumps sterile.
    The first experimentations will begin the next month in a laboratory prepared in the industrial area.
    26 August 2002

    An extracted revolutionary product from the refusals of the Eurallumina

    The atmosphere saved from mud
    The Bauxsol succeeds to neutralize the heavy metals

    Portoscuso red Mud transforms to you in product that reclamation the atmosphere. True or false? "All true", it supports Vittorio Bellò, general executive manager of the society Virotec Italy srl, been born from hardly a year just in order to use the residual ones of the bauxite of the Eurallumina di Portovesme to fine acclimatizes them. Bellò is a man who knows Portovesme, where has worked in the searches for the Alulix. "From mud a product, called Bauxsol is extracted, with which the metals of the water and the rubbish dumps can be captured that therefore come sterile yields. These thanks to the use of the hard one in the productive cycle of the Eurallumina ". The enterprise has decided not to lose the occasion and has already characterized a land in the industrial area of Portovesme on which it is in order to begin to construct one new factory (six billions of investments and 25 new workplaces) just in order to take advantage of those cursed mud that the multinational company does not know more where to stoccare. Indeed, the hypothesis is that one "to steal" 70 hectares to the sea if an other solution will not be found.
    The Eurallumina, therefore, gongola and first solution to its evils already sees in distance one. Ingegner the Rosino, general executive manager of the company of Portovesme, had pointed out recently to an opportunity that on the market was being made ahead for the industrial use of red mud. It pointed out to revolutionary advance technologies. But it had not revealed the secret.
    Today, finally, if of parlare."Attenzione can, but", Bellò emphasizes. "With this system we will not resolve all the problems acclimatizes represents them to you from red mud. We are not deceived. Our program previews, to regimen, uses of the forty for hundreds of the refuse of the Eurallumina ". In short, 450-500 tons of material the year. The rest, will be still residual of working to accumulate in a rubbish dump, than the Eurallumina it would want to characterize in a section of the adjacent sea to puts into effect them rubbish dump. All, therefore, it is from resolving, even if the new technology will be able to supply a positive contribution to the vicissitude of red mud.
    The product that will have to be gained from the muddy refuse of the bauxite has unimaginable property until three years ago. For the truth it is not one discovered Italian, but it arrives from Australia. Beyond the Ocean the product is obtaining turns out to you exceptional. And, from september, the phase experiences them will begin to the Eurallumina. "the bauxol it has already all the international certifications, but every Country has its legislation. For which we will begin with a production reduced - Bellò announces - in attended of having the Italian certifications ". To the flank of the society there will be the Enea, agency above the parts, that it will have to confirm the Australian scientific detailed lists. Then it will be begun to produce in great style.
    But as it comes produced the bauxsol? Practically the red mud come deal to you in a large one pentolone with to determine know them to you. The result is a mixture with many particles that have the property to capture the metals (lead zinc, cyanide, and many others) and to mineralize them. Insomma, becomes insoluble stones. "property that is only come true because those red mud are deals to you with the hard one. Unfortunately, the remaining part used from the Eurallumina in order to pull down the smoke of the fireplaces - approximately 500 mila tons - cannot for this purpose be used ". Here because the problem red mud remains all in feet. "But - Bellò explains - we will be able to give a good waited for contribution in of discovered new". A newsgroup of the services already has happened to the E region the authorizations in order to start the yard are already. The product could serve also to the Igea di Iglesias, in order to clear, as an example, the waters that dilavano the rubbish dumps or to render them lacking in metals. Or also for those of Pisano Field, if they still must have a high percentage of heavy metals.

    Antonio Martinelli

    http://www.er.dtu.dk/staff/person.asp?ERPersonID=105 (courtesy of Bull101)

    that's all you deserve to know for now

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