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    From Crikey re Virgin Blue:-

    The Virgin Blue prospectus doesn’t say a lot about safety but we’re hearing from some ground staff that the company’s relationship with CASA has been testy, to say the least.

    At least, that was the case until Virgin’s head of safety systems, Bruce Byron, was recruited by John Anderson to be the new boss at CASA.

    Hmmm, wonder if Mr Byron remembers the occasion that Virgin Blue flew a Boeing 737 in and out of Melbourne for 2 days in spite of a CASA directive that it be grounded to examine a rudder problem.

    Some Virgin Blue ground staff are telling Crikey that they have breached scores of CASA regulations over the past four years.

    Similarly, Boeing were called in to look at the back of house operating areas and weren’t impressed, such that Virgin Blue had to spend up big on capital expenditure installing new simulators and the like.

    These are very similar to the problems experienced by Ansett before their collapse
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