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Viraleze launch. The reality.

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    I will state from the outset that Jackie and Starpharma have done an excellent job from product concept, to product on market within 12 months and that is to be commended. Maybe this will be the impetuous to more proactively drive our entire portfolio of technologies, patents and in house commercial knowledge for the betterment of shareholders.

    However IMO, time is of the essence for Viraleze as I’ve stated on many occasions. Approaching summer, vaccine rollout, and potential competition are some of the many factors at play.

    As @Jace1984 posted on another thread:
    “It could be that any delay getting Viraleze into stores is a result of wanting to get the national launch right, backed by some solid marketing. This launch will be informed by strong first week online sales.So, as a hypothetical, if SPL is to supply 15,000 stores with initial supplies of 100 each, that's 1.5m bottles”

    I agree @Jace1984 that if that’s the actual strategy, then it could be the reason for the likely 4 week period from Lloyds ’launching’ Viraleze online to getting it in their first Lloyds Pharmacy store.

    But what sort of a dumb strategy is that when you are bringing to market a unique product such as Viraleze during a pandemic amid a high demand (we are told)?

    The alternative strategy (and IMO better strategy) would have been to launch in-store in the highest profile Lloyds London store, or even better the 3 or 4 highest profile London stores in parallel with the online launch.That would have been (and still could be) a brilliant marketing ploy. And if Viraleze ‘flew’ off the shelves then then Lloyds could have in turn marketed this as a ‘high demand product’ that will be subsequently rolled out across London, then England then the UK as supply and logistics enabled. Cue media attention and word of mouth about a new anti-Covid nasal spray, but be quick because it’s hard to get your hands on in-store, so go online instead....

    P.S. Yes Starpharma have done an awesome job getting Viraleze to market within one year. But commercialisation is another thing. Words mean very little.

    On the 23rd Feb Starpharma told the ASX that Viraleze was registered and approved for marketing in the European Economic Area, (27 countries in the EU plus Uk plus others) for a combined population of 520million. Lots of big numbers from Jackie.

    The reality is that right now 46 days after registration during this pandemic, Viraleze is only available in-store in a single pharmacy (1) in London (John Bell and Croyden). And if the murmurs are correct, it is likely to be almost 2 full months from registration to the commencement of the initial Lloyds in-store launch campaign in the UK.

    P.S.S. Really hoping for a further partnership announcement or an update on rollout progress or plans for other EU countries soon. Tick tock tick tock

    And just to recap on the Viraleze timeline:
    23rd Feb Regulatory approval in Europe & UK
    25th Mar Agreement with Lloyds Pharmacy
    1st Apr Soft launch online sales commence
    21/26 Apr In-store launches in Lloyds planned

    I don’t think I’m being too harsh to suggest that things are not happening as quickly as they could and should be. Thoughts ......
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