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vir201 hiv trial completed...

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    The last patient visits should have now be completed according to prior announcements, hopefully we see confirmation from VHL. They'll have to spend a couple of months doing the final analysis of patient samples, testing for immunological responses and the like but they have budgeted May10 for database lock. I'm expecting an announcement from VHL as to whether or not the trial worked, but for detailed results to be once again published in a medical journal and/or presented at a medical conference.

    They have extended the rights issue date by a couple of weeks... why? Possibly due to the anticipation of Transgene doing a deal and triggering a license payment. The phase II results were very impressive in NSCLC, and they have received fast track status so hopefully they can get approval in 1-2 years. They need funds, it was my greatest concern and will remain so till they get some more cash in the kitty.

    Looking back at the earlier phase I/II trial, they actually had some very decent responses in patients. The sample size was very small, some 10 patients receiving the full construct vaccine, 2 of those patients saw a 2 log reduction in viral load, or some 99.9%! Further, 2 patients entering in a continuation study did not return to ARV treatment for at least 200 weeks!

    There are many benefits in receiving a theraputic vaccine over ARV treatment. The main ones that come to mind is a once only treatment (and possibly booster shots down the line) compared to daily tablets, and the other is with regards to side effects.

    2010 is an exciting year for VHL, not only because of Transgene developments but because of the much larger clinical trial using VIR201. This trial has recruited 120 patients and was funded various companies operating in Africa. The vaccine being used is much more highly purified compared to the earlier trials, and the dose is a whopping 10 times higher! VHL has a platform technology, validated by Transgene trials along with their own phase 1/11 trial. The market is starting to accept theraputic vaccines given DNDN's success, and hopefully with some luck VHL will become a moonshoot biotech in 2010.

    To the moon :)

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