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    There seems to be a degree of high-mindedness from some posters towards holders/posters on the VIL thread.
    I just don't like to see this kind of thing. Unfortunately you often get this kind of thing when you get various posters giving their views on a certain stock. Sometimes people will post something sarcastic or in a way as to imply others are misguided in some way. Sometimes this is to suit their own personal agenda (upramping/downramping).

    However: I don't care if newbies or professional lets give respect to all posters.


    Now onto Fausse Point:
    The fundamentals of the Fausse Point play are fairly clear. Its a spec play, is located in a known producing area, and has giving (since the drilling started) some indications of both oil and gas. And as with most spec plays we will have to await the results to find out if its a winner or not.

    Happy New year! Frosty

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