SLA 0.00% 3.9¢ solagran limited


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    Going on a 1 day chart I would be Pierced off. However this is not a one day wonder. I would suspect some flagilation(just made that word up)until next positive announcements or further Director buying.

    We are about to commence manufacture of our wonder drug in a couple of weeks. We have been told that DEMAND is so huge we will only be hampered initally by being unable to meet supply.

    Once we mass produce the Bio MASS we should make mass $$$$. Maybe the market wants confirmation of early orders or maybe Mr 82cents today forced some nervous nellies to sell down in small amounts while he bought up in the 70 to 80 cent range?

    Life is a mystery but with Ropren its not like a box of chocolates where you never know what you are about to get. Ropren is a full on Ridgey Didge Pharmaceutical about to kick RRSE. Today, I believe was just some shaking of the Siberian Fir tree.

    There are the believers and the non believers and the nervous nellies and the traders. Make up your mind which you are for now and play as you see it.
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