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    I think the run up over the last couple of days has been great. Over the past couple of years I have bought into the TTE story, first at 18c, then at 12c, then at 9c and most recently about a year ago at 2.4c. Each time I bought I thought wow, got a bargin because this company has got so much to offer!

    Like many here, a run from 2.4 to 3.0 is largely immaterial for those of us who's average cost of holding is way higher. If you have a look at a 2 year chart, the last weeks move does not even register on it.

    I think for a lot of people who have bought over the last year, the shareprice creeping up will provide them with a better exit point than they have had for a while as the stock has traded sideways since the 1/10 consolidation.

    From an investors point of view I get very suspicious when a company announcement praises its new financial backers with such glowing references but when asked, wont tell you who they are. To me, that either says they are directly related to directors (related party disclosure needed) or they have a track record that is not as pretty as the picture painted.

    When I first saw the announcement I thought, great, now we are getting somewhere. Now I am thinking that the somewhere is a place that I am not keen on going too.

    For me risk is about likely reward and time factor involved. I did not have a decent exit strategy on this stock but the tiny lift in price over the last few days has allowed me to recoup some of my losses and get out with my tail between my legs but my balls still attached.

    Investing is about trust and if the directors cant be upfront about basic details then I struggle to support them.

    My sentiment below is sold but recently held if that makes sense!
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