Vietnam war

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    The vietnam war was "crucial to stopping the evil spread of communism"? Do tell.

    Cambodia wasn't a communist country until the Americans bombed the shi.t out of it and killed an estimated 600,000 people. Angry Cambodians then flocked to the communists. The result was the victory of the Pol Pot regime.

    After the Vietnam war was over and the Viet Cong had won, they then celebrated the victory of "world communism" by fighting two wars with other communist countries, first Cambodia and then China. So much for the threat of monolithic communism and the "domino theory", which we were supposedly fighting to prevent.

    BTW it was recently revealed that the Menzies government didn't believe in the domino theory either, although that's what they touted it to the public. We went to Vietnam just to curry favour with the Yanks, nothing more.
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