Stop being an apologist for a spineless leader, more than 700...

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    Stop being an apologist for a spineless leader, more than 700 people are dead as a consequence of Andrew 's compliance to Ashton reluctance to execute his duties.
    You're full of it, police are trained to supervise and enforce people's conduct in any area, quarantine or not, they are trained and skilled in dealing with groups and individuals that struggle to follow the rules - simple rules - rules that were meant to keep all Victorians safe and the State's economy in shape.
    By your way of reasoning we could outsource firefighting to irrigators, no-one is sufficiently skilled and trained to deal with unprecedented firestorms as those recently seen in Australia, Greece and the USA: it's all about spraying water, isn't it?
    Pathetic apologist for a spineless, weak 'leader' that couldn't challenge his commissioner wishes and than establishes a judicial enquiry where he goes on and tells Victorians that he - like all the others before him - can't recall who took the decision to contract such a critical role to an underclass of unskilled, untrained, mostly illiterate and grossly underpaid workers.
    It was a case of 'shared responsibility' - mostly of the Health Minister apparently - and of 'collective decision making'......BULLSHIT!!
    F+#k DAN ANDREW!!!!
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