I do have a problem with throwing a few dollars around to small...

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    I do have a problem with throwing a few dollars around to small sections of the community for solar rooftop when the money should be spent on the system statewide.

    I’d go along with your comments if the Solar farm is not located on arable land, but they would generally need to be along way from the demand involving large line losses.
    Most solar farms have a larger footprint then Coal or Gas fired power stations and that in itself is a form of pollution.

    Roof top solar with batteries is my preferred option as the source is close to the demand and doesn’t involve additional land mass.

    If you think logically, and a business mentality wasn’t involved to justify a start up company as the reason for it beginning, purely for maximising profit.
    We could begin a startup a company, by creating and utilising the opportunity that the current roof top solar present us.

    Instead of currently individual households feeding into the grid they could become part of an array that replicates a solar farm. This concept is based on the concept that is currently being used to create a humongous telescope to monitor the universe.

    Wind farms are like aerodromes that have been changed to changes in wind patterns. If climate change is an issue it makes them a transitional investment.

    I still have a leaning towards the use of coal, hydro and gas power station being used to transition and reduced the cost burden on consumers and to dampen the irrational enthusiasm of the the greenies.

    My rant might be due to the influence of VINO.

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